1. What should I consider when purchasing a memorial?

The cemetery may determine the memorial’s style and size depending on its rules and regulations.

2. What are memorial colors and sizes?

You have many options for the granite color as well as size, and those two options affect the prices of the memorial.

3. What types of memorials are there?

The traditional types of memorials are upright monuments, slant markers, bevel markers and flat markers.

4. How much do memorials cost?

The greatest factors that affect the price are its size and color, but there are other options
too like the stone’s shape and finish, and a deposit is needed at the time of purchase.

5. How is a memorial designed?

All memorial designs are personalized using thousands of carvings and styles that create a tribute to your loved ones. We will assist you in the design process, and you will ultimately receive a proof or scaled drawing of the design before the memorial is carved.

6. What is a foundation? 

The concrete foundation will support the weight of the memorial and the base. There is an additional fee for the foundation which is determined by the size of the marker or base.

7. How long does the process take and should the ground settle?

In most cases, the ground does not have to settle and total production is usually between 90-120 days.